Whether you care to admit it or not, the reality is that much of a girl’s day is spent comparing herself to every other girl that walks past.

Step 1 when you enter the gym is likely comparing your body to everyone else in there.

Step 1 when you enter a bar is analysing the short skirt and slightly slutty high heels of the girl ordering a cocktail.

Step 1 when you get to work is wondering whether you look too bland because Sarah from accounts decided to rock a slightly risqué pencil skirt and low cut top.

Whilst clothes and accessories are a big part of a person’s image, your figure is what will really get you noticed and go a long way (not all the way) to greater self-confidence, which doesn’t disappear as soon as you get undressed.

The great news is that if you do these ten things, you’ll gain a significant advantage over everyone else because 95% of girls just won’t do it.


Even if you ‘workout’ lots, there will come a point where no amount of classes will make any further changes to your body.

Introduce ‘tension training’ and you will develop a much more ‘toned’ physique because you’re providing your muscles with a different type of stress.

Whilst HIIT classes and the like will create a lot of metabolic stress which aids with fat loss, tension training and developing some tight, defined muscles is what will really make you stand out.

They are two sides of the same coin.

3-4 times per week (either full body or upper body, lower body split) perform sessions based around exercises where you reach muscular failure between 8-12 reps.

Reps should be performed more slowly than in a bootcamp as well.

Aim to lower the weight over 2-4 seconds before lifting the weight and returning to the start position.


If you create a calorie deficit every day, week after week, all year round, you will likely see your results stall because you can never build any lean muscle tissue due to a lack of necessary resources.

This is the only way to create a high metabolic rate which enables you to burn more fat as time goes on.

Without adding a little extra muscle (and no we’re not talking about ‘bulking up’) you will likely plateau and get frustrated as nothing changes despite your hard work.

Introducing periods of anything from one day a week to one month (combined with heavier lifting) to eat a planned, higher calorie diet will help you continually improve your figure.

Otherwise, you’ll live a life of deprivation and worrying about food without even getting the results to justify it.


Your monthly cycle is basically split into two main phases when it comes to hormone peaks and troughs.

One, the follicular phase lends itself better to weight training and HIIT style efforts due in part to higher insulin levels.

The other, the leutenizing phase is better suited to lower intensity, aerobic based work due to a higher body temperature.

Knowing how to take advantage of this is a powerful tool to get more from every workout you do, instead of trying to force certain types of training just because it’s ‘on the plan’.


Nobody is saying you have to become an Olympic athlete when we talk about performance.

Simply focus on lifting heavier weights, resting less between sets, running or rowing faster, complete timed challenges faster and getting better muscular contractions when you lift weights.

It just means ‘do better’ by the numbers instead of thinking a good sweat is all that counts.

All of these will require you to do what needs to be done to improve performance including improving sleep, eating the right things, eating enough calories to support hard workouts but not body fat, supplementing well and sticking to a quality program consistently.

When you do what you need to do to train hard, and you eat right to support this, you will drop body fat quickly and develop an awesome looking figure.

All of these factors are under your control whereas due to monthly cycles and so on, staring at the scales won’t yield anything other than upset and frustration at times.

Simply ‘going to the gym’ and doing some classes which are always made up on the spot will not get you where you want to be.


This is hard but when you talk to yourself like you’re already in great shape, like you already love your body and you can already do the things you want to do, amazing things happen in your brain.

You start to see every opportunity to make all of it come true.

Your brain doesn’t like ‘cognitive dissonance’ where there are conflicting messages.

It will do what’s required to make sure everything is on the same train tracks.

Tell yourself you’re fat and useless and that’s exactly the direction your brain will encourage you to go.

Act as if.

Be happy, walk and talk with confidence and wear nice thing.

Don’t put it off.

Don’t be sad at 60kg and think you’ll be mega happy at 58kg!

Trick your brain into thinking what you want is already happening and inspire you to do what you know you need to do but always get pulled away from!

The energy you will then apply to training and nutrition will give you what you want.


Find a really good program from a high quality coach.

Then do it.

Stop scrolling Instagram seeing all the things you’re NOT doing.

Stop reading articles, often written by people who are paid to dramatise everything.

Stop staring at photoshopped, well lit girls on Facebook who more often than not hate their bodies just as much as you do (seriously!)

Follow 4-5 people who give good value, show you how to do exercises more effectively and educate you how to live a more productive life and shut everything else down.

Make sure you know their journey – many Instagram stars have naturally great genetics and so haven’t really made progress or gone through any great challenge to get where they are now.

Hoping to be like them will cause you nothing but anxiety and drag away the very energy you need to get started on your own path.


You’re not 13 anymore, trying desperately to impress the school cheerleader so you can hang with the cool crowd.

If your so-called friends won’t support you and help you to get healthier and lose body fat, then starting moving yourself away and find some more encouraging people to hang out with.

This is your life and your daily feelings about yourself are at stake if nothing changes.

By going to the gym more and joining classes full of inspired people, you will find new friends who make you feel much more excited about what is to come than those who just want to go and drown their sorrows in a wine bar.


…even if you HATE the way they look right now.

You won’t see any change from Monday to Tuesday and from Tuesday to Wednesday.

What you will see is a weekly timeline that shows just how far you’ve come, encouraging your brain to go further and see what will happen in an other 3/6/12 months.

Never be ashamed of where you were.

You were only making the best decisions you could with the information you had at the time.

Now you can use that to move forward and avoid making the same mistakes again.


Most girls do things backwards, focusing on the least valuable activities first when it comes to improving body composition.

Sort things out in this order and you will see better results than 95% of people around you.

  1. Stress management (particularly if you are prone to comfort eating and bouts of anxiety)
  2. Nutrition (20/21 meals per week should be clean, wholesome and nutritious)
  3. Engage in a high intensity weight training plan using moderate weights and short rest breaks (relatively to your level) 
  4. Perform high intensity workouts such as bootcamps
  5. Add some Low Intensity Steady State work if you have extra time available to train

Most girls work from 5-1 (usually not getting past 4 or even 5) and that’s why they get stuck relatively soon after starting.

The problem is that if you are highly stressed and can’t stick to your nutrition strategy consistently (the two usually come hand-in-hand) then the other stuff often doesn’t make nearly as much different as you’d expect for your hard work!


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