What you see in the mirror, how you feel about yourself and everything else that presents itself in your life is the result of your average actions.

If it sucks, it’s because your average actions suck.

It’s not because of your worst moment and it’s not because of your best moment.

What you see is the result of your average – what you do on most days.

Your average relationship, average conversation, average workout or average meal suck. Maybe you excel at being a husband or wife on the average day, but your fitness routine sucks and you only manage awesome workouts on a sporadic basis which won’t get you the body you want.

More often that not, everything sucks all at once which is what causes depression and requires a complete overhaul and building confidence back up. Either way it requires an improvement on the average, not some grand gesture or dramatic diversion in lifestyle.

The tendency is to get caught in a cycle of frustration, search, over-zealous commitment to certain things for a short time and inevitable failure.

Your highs are too high and short-lived.

Your lows are too low and you get depressed.

More importantly your average sucks and it’s made worse by the perception that everyone has life sorted!

The internet is like a mirage for most people.

It promises an oasis of everything you could possibly need to sort things out but when you dive in, it never pans out as you dreamed.

We’re misled by the belief that having instant access to celebrities, pro bodybuilders and elite athletes mean we have a better chance of getting what we want because they will help us access the secret sauce or the perfect system that has been missing from our toolbox for all this time.

I once heard someone say “What got you from A to B won’t get you from B to C.”

This is usually very true and it’s also true that what got Joe Pro to Point Z won’t get you from A to B.

Obviously there is no possible chance that your sucky average day is simply due to laziness and inconsistent action…

The real reason of course, is that you didn’t previously know about a ketogenic diet of 75% fats, vegan Unicorn tears and less than 30g of carbs combined with the Magic Elixir of Bulletproof Coffee.

If you didn’t detect the heavy sarcasm there try again.

Look, your dependence on other people to guide your life and your search for their magic beans is what’s holding you back.


Think about it.

You wonder why you’re unhappy and how to change it but how much of your day is your own?

How much time in your average 24 hours is NOT determined by other people?

  • Answering emails
  • Fulfilling your boss’ latest impossible demand
  • Reading WhatsApp group messages
  • Watching videos that people decided you ‘have to watch’
  • Running around after the kids
  • Scrolling Instagram to see what your friends, favourite celebrities and totally random people you will never speak to are doing
  • Eating meals that have been designed by other people in a packaging factory
  • Having yet another coffee because Jane in the office is making one
  • Watching the news and filling your head with negativity

Another important sign of dependency is having no clue how to move your own body forward from this point.

This point is the point you are at. Not the point that anyone else is at or even were at when they started.

Rather than discovering the best step forward from here you start from the other end (the elite end) and try to follow workouts, diets and meal plans that someone is basically trying to force into your life so they make a sale of their generic program.

It’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.

Trying to ‘Go Pro’ right now is probably the last thing you need and will actually stop any progress you might have made if you applied your efforts in the right way. You end up spending time on stuff that won’t make any difference to your goals taking up valuable time that could be spent on things that will.

I’m fairly certain that ultimately, you want to have a more defined body with low body fat and feel energetic on an average day. Maybe you want to pack on some muscle as well.

If that’s you, read on. I’m going to make your life a whole lot simpler and help you get much, much better results.

What I’m going to tell you isn’t just fitness advice but it is advice that will open up roads you previously thought were blocked and make your life a lot more fun!

When life’s fun, you’re energised. When you’re energised, you can do pretty much anything you like!

The world seems to have gone mad for things like:

  • Ketogenic diets when you’ve not yet tried just creating a calorie deficit
  • Bulletproof coffee when the rest of your diet sucks
  • Olympic lifting before you can even perform a deadlift or kettlebell swing properly
  • Exercise combinations that look good on social media (e.g reverse lunge to cable press with rotation) but don’t create the tension needed to build lean muscle
  • Being amazing at 143 different ‘skills’ that really are quite useless outside the gym and take up 50% of the limited time you have available for your fight against not being weak and fat.
  • Adding bands and chains to every exercise ‘cos Westside Barbell’ when you’ve only been lifting for a few months.
  • Intermittent fasting and calorie counting before you even know what protein, carbs and fats are
  • Supplements that MIGHT add 2-3% to your results before you’re even eating three good meals a day
  • Worrying about which is better out of maltodextrin, Vitargo or eating a banana post-workout
  • Comparing ‘proprietary blends’ in pre-workout powders

Are these things a waste of time then?

No, I use them all at times. They all have solid foundations but just aren’t what you need for a better average.

The point is you are dependent on a belief that high level action steps are what you need to do.

The realisation soon sets in that these things either don’t bring you what you want or they take a ton of time (that you don’t have) to get right and disillusionment sets in.

Everybody wants to do this stuff because…everybody else is doing them. Very few are actually asking why and how it fits what they said they wanted in the first place.

You see a hot girl do a muscle up and want to do it.

I’m all for learning new stuff and challenging your body but understand that the hot girl is not hot because she does muscle ups.

You have many other things to focus on that will transform your body (without injuring it) and importantly, they are things the hot girl has already developed and habitualized so she doesn’t need to consciously focus on them.

My suggestion is that you stop aiming for the showreel highs and improve your average.

Stop searching for ‘perfect diets’ which have to be forced and don’t deliver the big-hitting results in a way that keeps you motivated.

This will all happen much faster if you nail these thirty things. They are things that will drastically improve your average without any huge unsustainable gestures or lifestyle changes.

30 Ways To a Better Average

1 – Drink 1.5 litres per day. Forget the chia seed teas and organic liver cleansers. Drink more water and do it every single day.

2 – Eat vegetables whenever possible. If you are eating, add lots of green stuff. How much? As much as you can. Don’t worry about root vegetables having carbs in, you’re not even close to needing to worry about that.

3 – Eat protein at every meal aiming for 1.5g per 1kg of bodyweight per day. “But I’m vegan, how do I do that without eating loads of carbs and still train hard?” Honestly, I don’t know.

4 – Minimize food that hasn’t had ‘human input’ in the base ingredients. Food isn’t confusing. If it ran, flew, grew out the ground or on a tree or came out of a chicken’s vagina, you’re on the right path. It gets confusing when you have to start reading nutrition labels and add stuff up.

5 – Prioritise more and better sleep over anything else. I cannot fully express what deep sleep every night will do for energy and body composition. Do WHATEVER you have to do. Separate beds for snoring partners, no TV before bed, meditation, black out room…do it all and watch the magic happen.

6 – Eat slowly. If you give the satiety hormone leptin time to kick in, you will find it much easier to create a calorie deficit without complicated and inconvenient calorie counting diets. 

7 – Move better and minimise pain. Forget the Olympic lifts and crazy stuff in the gym. Learn how to increase joint range of motion and your workouts will improve no end. It’s not always sexy but neither is getting cramp when you’re trying to get your leg over your wife at 35 years old.

8 – Learn to breathe again. I know you’re still alive so you’ve learned the basics, but your breathing patterns exchange key signals to your brain and on to your hormonal system. Periods of long, slow breaths can change your brains perceptions of what’s going on, reducing feelings of anxiety as well as markers such as blood pressure. Another simple, free technique you can do anywhere!

9 – Get strong at the seven key movement patterns: Vertical push, Vertical pull, Horizontal push, Horizontal pull, Squat, Hinge, Carry. You don’t need to start putting them all together in complex multi-directional circus acts. Simply perform each movement with regularity, tension on the right muscles and excellent range of motion for 6-12 reps and 3-4 sets. You will soon look better than your friend who carved their shin open on a Burpee Box Jump Somersault.

10 – Get from A to B faster. I put this under ‘Carry’ category. You can choose running distances, cycling, swimming or loaded carries like a prowler or farmer walk. The more variations the better. Train to get better at running 400 metres and you will likely become more muscular and lean as well as developing aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Also, if you’re ever chased by a lion, it will take out your fat friend first.

11 – Create or move to a happy home and work space. You’re spending 7-8 hours a day at work and 5-6 hours awake at home. If the atmosphere stinks, you will always feel bad about life and think you need some groundbreaking diet to sort things out. Consider cleanliness, tidiness, the people around you and even the decor.

12 – Quit toxic relationships. This is probably the hardest out of the lot because as humans we have a bizarre preference for relationships that cause us upset and anguish over feeling alone. Toxic relationships will stop you from reaching every dream you ever had because the other person has their own agenda and complete disregard for yours. Walk away no matter how painful it is. Empty the cup and make space for relationships that serve you. There is someone else out there.

13 – Walk away and don’t get involved. A lot of people complain about not having time for the things they need to get done but spend large amounts of time on other people’s business and getting involved in gossip. Put your point across then walk away. Arguing just polarizes people and this will make your average day a lot more fun and inspiring. If someone thinks you’re an asshole, you probably won’t convince them otherwise with your little speech.

14 – Consume less news and celebrity hype. Both of these make you feel like your life is worse than it really is. Time spent here can be spent on tuning in to your own life and either enjoying it or assessing/acting on what needs to change.

15 – Get more Vitamin D. Modern life shuts out the sun. When we get a chance to soak up the life-giving properties of the suns rays, we immediately coat ourselves in sun block before we go out. Get more sun exposure (appropriate to your skin type and UV rating of the day) or supplement with Vitamin D if you live in a dark place.

16 – Supplement with magnesium. I know I said supplements are not what you need to focus on but given that magnesium is used in every cellular reaction in your body, it’s kind of an essential foundation rather than a cherry on the top of the cake.

17 – Laugh more. I forgot how to do this for a long time because the things that make me laugh often offend other people. Fuck it. If it makes you laugh, laugh. As Ricky Gervais says, if you have a joke to tell, tell it whether you win, lose or draw!

18 – Write out your Ideal Average Day. This is not your Perfect Day sipping Pina Coladas on a yacht in the Caribbean but the average day you would like to live for the foreseeable future. What do you do? Who with? Where? How long for? If you aren’t actively designing a life to move you closer to that life, what exactly are you doing? How do you ever expect to be happier on an average day?

19 – Calculate your lifestyle cost. How much does living your Ideal Average Day cost? What about when we add savings, retirement plans, taxes and so on. Calculate what you need to live this lifestyle on an annual basis then assess what needs to change in how much you earn and how you earn it.

20 – Establish your personal values. If you hold certain values but always find yourself living in a way that makes living that way very difficult, you can expect to feel permanently uneasy and restless. Establish three core values (mine are Fitness, Fun and Adventure) and use them as a decision-making GPS.

21 – Understand your neurotype. When it comes to sticking to and nailing a great fitness plan regularly, you need to make sure the training and nutrition suit your ‘neurotype’ which combines personality type with dominant brain chemicals. It might sound sciencey but it’s quite easy to work out and then you can ensure you’re on the type of training plan and nutrition approach that will sit easily in your brain and keep you motivated whilst bringing great results.

22 – Be more present. Every work task, every rep, every conversation, every kiss, every song your listen to, every meal you eat… If you are more present, you will get more out of them and feel a greater sense of happiness. In the context of training, being totally engaged with the ONE program you are one, the ONE set you are in and the ONE rep you are currently completing will bring much better results than worrying about who’s watching and what Jill in the cardio room is doing for her workout today.

23 – Make less small talk. Much of our day is spent listening to or vocalizing pointless stuff that just clouds our brain. Speak when you have something powerful to say. Post on social media when you have something that isn’t just mediocre drivel that nobody cares about. You’re just filling a space that your restlessness needs to fill.

24 – Do it properly the first time. You’ve probably tried countless good workout programs and nutrition plans but only ‘kinda’ did it because of (insert excuse). Do it properly the first time, experience the ‘win’ and get inspired to keep going. When you keep half-arseing things and not seeing results, you are less likely to commit to the next one and so it snowballs. Fully completing an average workout plan will always trump doing 50% of an amazing program because it’s so complicated.

25 – Narrow your responsibilities as much as possible. This doesn’t mean throwing the kids under a bus. It means looking at what you have committed yourself to and realising that much of your stress and time management problems come from giving too much of yourself to too many people, often because you hate saying ‘No’. This isn’t about being selfish but you are no good to anyone if you are running at 50%, being forgetful, running around in a state of panic and causing everyone else anxiety. Eliminate commitments and focus on those that are truly necessary and GIVE you energy and inspiration instead of sapping it out of you. 

26 – Do more of what you used to love. We’re always looking for something new that’s going to magically transform our life when the answers are often in what you used to do. Play football again, draw, paint, make music. Don’t think you’ll rediscover hobbies when you retire – you won’t. Always have something to look forward to and you’ll put more effort into everything else you need to move forward!

27 – Sell everything you haven’t used for a year. This was the most refreshing thing I ever did. I now own an apartment as an investment and a motorbike. Everything else fits into about 5 medium sized boxes and most of that is memories from adventures. This is another example of emptying the cup and feeling space inside and around you for new things to come in. Things that excite YOU, not things that other people want you to want.

28 – Do what you have to do to get your testosterone levels up. This applies mainly to men but also to many women. You will feel more ambitious and excited about life, experience greater feelings of wellbeing, build a stronger, leaner body and of course, enjoy a healthier sex life.

29 – Tell people when you think they’re awesome. Just go and try this. Don’t be embarrassed. Text it, call them, write them a note or say it to their face.

30 – Don’t train for fat loss. Train for strength and muscle then create a calorie deficit through your nutrition habits and you will be surprised how quick your body changes. Training for fat loss by doing loads of cardio and HIIT circuits tends to grind results to a halt after a few weeks.

All of these action steps will drastically improve your average day.

Stop trying to reach some mythical high which, even if you reach it, only lasts for a short time because it’s based on unsustainable action steps.

Start with your brain and personal environments, do the simple things consistently and get more sleep.

Everything else will become much easier and more inspiring within days!