If you’re like me, you’ll have had lots of clients wanting to improve their body but who just keep doing more of what they like in the hope that they can out gun the negative effects of other areas in which they struggle.

They want to just double their training so they can eat sugar-based foods.

They always want to do cardio because they’re good at it whereas they feel weak when they hit the weights and so shy away.

It’s human nature to want to do what we excel at but usually ‘the obstacle is the way’.

Our best possible results lie on the other side of rooting out what we’re not good at, and doing it more consistently.

Your fitness business is no different.

Ultimately, the Fitness Business Freedom course is all about maximizing profit from a business that serves your lifestyle whilst constantly improving the experience you offer to your clients.

To do that, you need a better grasp on what’s great and where the leaks are.

Monitor Your Business Canal

The key is to know your numbers in what I call your ‘Business Canal’.

It enables you to identify where any obstacles lie in the process that starts from someone’s initial interest ‘ending’ with them staying as a long-term customer.

Imagine your business like a canal where there are ‘locks’ at various points that either allow and encourage prospects and converted clients to flow to the next stage or block any further progress.

There is no point being the world’s greatest salesman if nobody is coming through the door.

Similar, you might be amazing at writing FB ads and funnels and generate lots of leads, but if your conversion is poor your bottom line profits still won’t change.

Maybe you get lead after lead and convert them, but you spent too much time learning marketing and your poor programming can’t keep people for more than 2-3 months.

You should conduct a monthly or quarterly review into the following key numbers for each product and service that you offer:

1) Website clicks and Walk-ins

2) Leads

3) Follow up calls/emails made

4) Conversions

5) Leaves in short term (e.g 3-6 months)

6) Leaves in medium term (e.g 6-12 months)

7) Leaves in long term (12+ months)

Consider the quarterly stats of two different bootcamp businesses:

Bootcamp A

Website visits – 100

Leads – 70

Follow up calls/emails – 39

Conversions – 21

Left after 3-6 months – 2

Left after 6-12 months – 2

Left after 12 months+ – 6

Bootcamp B

Website visits – 200

Leads – 58 

Follow up calls/emails – 58 

Conversions – 50 

Left after 3-6 months – 25 

Left after 6-12 months – 9 

Left after 12 months+ – 8

If either of these businesses simply relied on their bottom line to judge progress, they wouldn’t know what needs improving most and where to focus their efforts.

However, with these figures we can see:

–       Both businesses are good at attracting people to their websites but Bootcamp B really excels

–       Bootcamp A is much better at gathering contact information on their website for follow up

–       Bootcamp B is much better at converting people from these calls than Bootcamp A is

–       Bootcamp A does very well at retaining members whereas Bootcamp B is losing many more members than they should.

From here we could make the following decisions:

Bootcamp A

Bootcamp A will improve business performance most by working on completing follow up calls from people who want to hear from them as well as the consultation process.

Focusing on making the service better is always important but clearly they are already doing well in this area.

They will get more reward for their efforts by focusing on converting interested prospects.

Bootcamp B

Bootcamp B does not do well at gathering contact information but does convert very well.

If they can gather more prospects’ details, they can expect to convert a large proportion of them.

There are also some obvious holes in their service delivery and people are leaving on a regular basis.

Focusing on their programming and support is likely to have a big impact on their profit figures.

Your business canal is a real insight into what’s going on and where your business growth is tripping up.

Use the results and honest feedback wisely instead of just focusing on what you like to focus on!