I think this might be the ‘big one’.

The thing that changes what comes into your life, business or otherwise.

“Go first”.

How many times do you complain about things or feel like something is lacking?

“People don’t listen to me enough”

“Everyone is always so stressed out”

“If they gave more time to themselves we could get better results”

“Nobody trains as hard as they could”

More often than not, if you take a Time Out and look at yourself from 100 metres away, you’ll see that what you think ‘everyone else’ is doing, is the same thing (or a slight variation of) exactly what you do.

YOU don’t listen to people enough but want to talk, talk, talk (even if it is well intentioned).

YOU are always stressed and put out those kind of vibes, attracting similar people rather than those who will bring chill to your life.

YOU don’t give enough time to yourself.

Sure you work hard but you don’t go for walks, meditate or ask yourself how you’re really doing.

Today’s message is to “Go First” or as Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

This new attitude doesn’t mean things will change overnight.

People will still dump on your life no matter what you do.

People will still misunderstand and leave you frustrated.

But let me tell you this.

Life is a lot easier to withstand in the tough times and enjoy in the good times when you lead the way.

If you can let go of any kind of expectations and deadlines, everything starts to feel ‘right’ even when the results don’t come flooding in.

Don’t do it with the expectation that everyone else should also make the same changes – they’re at a different stage and in a different place to you.

That said, if you do it for long enough, you will start to see more and more people around you living the same way.

Either those around you will follow suit or you will start to attract a new tribe and the old ‘deadwood’ will slowly fall away.

THEN the business results will take off.

It will take time.

If it doesn’t, you’re likely surrounding yourself with people who are easily influenced and will disappear as quickly as they arrived.

“Go First” and see what happens…