Are you committed to your fitness business or are you just ‘interested’?

That might sound like a pretty daft question.

After all, it’s most likely your only (or at least main) source of income and it takes a LOT of time away from pretty much everything in your life.

Remember that relationship and those hobbies you used to have….

The reality is that many people get into being a coach and running their own show simply because they detest the idea of working ‘for the man’ and being part of the system.

It’s the wrong reasons.

If every day brings getting through personal training sessions, running classes with as much energy as an 80 year old tortoise you need to get your shit together.

The days of half-arsed bootcamps in the park are dying out as ’boutique’ facilities become ultra-professional and super-organised, delivering amazing value and community to their customers.

The truth needs to sink in that you are probably only showing a passing interest to having what those guys have, rather than being all in and committed to making real change happen on a daily basis.

It still amazes me how many personal trainers and group fitness coaches barely find time to train themselves because they’re constantly ‘firefighting’.

In business terms, firefighting is that rolling sequence of problems that starts from the moment you open your gym doors at 6am until you finally hit the sofa at 9pm.

It feels like everywhere you turn there is another little problem to fix and every time you tick one off your To Do List, another three appear in its place.

By the end of the day, you’ve done lots and you’re tired out but you haven’t actually achieved anything that will grow your fitness business.

The harsh reality is that most coaches find themselves in this frustrating state of never making any real progress because of their lazy attitude to their own business.

Nobody is saying you don’t care.

I care about my football team Everton, even though frustrate the hell out of me.

But that’s not the same as being committed and giving everything I have and more to ensure success.

Unfortunately, like fitness itself, the results don’t come from keeping busy and ‘kinda being involved’.

It’s the difference between business and BUSY-ness.

It probably feels like you’re ‘doing stuff’ and working hard but ultimately, in a years time, you’ll look back and realise that most of your time was spent putting out those little fires to keep what you already had ticking.

You haven’t picked up many new members, you haven’t increased profits and you’re still working 15 hour days.

If you think about this a little more, you may well find it’s the very reason that NOTHING in your life is working as well as you want it to.

In everything you do, you’re simply keeping your head above water rather than doing what needs to be done to excel.

Time is often given as an excuse for just working on one areas of life but the reality is that when you have an attitude of commitment to yourself and all you do, EVERYTHING will improve.

Your business.

Your own health and fitness.

Your relationships.

Even your overall sanity is probably teetering on the edge of complete meltdown.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to up level.

It’s probably time to roll in new circles and be surrounded by people who don’t accept mediocrity and ‘getting by’.

It’s definitely time to stop firefighting and take some leaps of faith.

That’s what you do when you’re committed.

So here are five key signs that you’re just not committed enough to truly building the business and by extension, life, that you want.


You come up with a new idea for the business, a new program or you go to write a new article for your blog.

Rather than go all in and put your heart and soul into it so it really makes a big impact, you find yourself looking to just do what’s necessary to get it done and move on to the next thing on the list.

There’s no excitement.

There’s no attention to detail.

There’s no thought as to how this is going to grip someone’s emotions and bring amazing value into their lives.

I know…you’re busy, it’s hard, you’re tired….bla bla bla.

This is exactly what mediocrity looks like and what you do when you’re ‘interested’.


Some people will disagree with me on this, and I’m not saying you shouldn’t have time away from your business to give your brain a break.

However, when I tell people how I built up fitness camps of 200 people, they often don’t like the answer because they’re INTERESTED and not COMMITTED.

I sold my soul to it.

I worked weekends.

I found time for family stuff but outside that it was business building or training.

I was exhausted a lot of the time but at a deep level, I was excited by Sunday nights because I wanted to get back into the action properly and connect with more people, train more people and work on the 20 projects we had going on at once.

The reason they grew so fast (beyond awesome workouts and an amazing community) was my ruthless ability to build new connections, add new features and get stuff done.

Ask yourself if you’re really doing that?

I look at a lot of guys and I see people who like the idea of a fitness business, but who have way to much spare time for someone who is supposedly ‘growing a legacy’ (or insert your own entrepreneurial cliche!).

If you don’t have a business running at capacity which is fully systemised but you’re watching lots of funny YouTube videos, you have time for playing on your console or you’re able to get drunk every weekend, I have news for you.

You’re NOT committed to your fitness business.

The sooner you admit that and start relentlessly dropping time wasting habits for dedicated business development time, the sooner you will see the things you want start to materialize.

Again, I fully support breaks from work.

But when you become fully aware of how much time you give to pointless stuff, you will see that there is a vast difference between planned down time and a lack of commitment and focus, especially when it’s nowhere near where you want it to be.

The first step is creating 3 x 2 hour blocks where there is no phone, no internet surfing, no texting, no Tinder time and no ANYTHING that is not a brutal pursuit of the project you know to be most important in the next stage of business growth.

As time goes on and you pass on more and more admin and other roles in the business, this time should grow and you will learn to spot every chance you have to work on pushing your projects a little bit more.


Commitment to your fitness business is no different to commitment to your family, your wife, your girlfriend or any other person you really value above anything else.

You know the bigger picture and you won’t be distracted by anything else.

When you’re just kind of interested, you keep saying ‘Yes’ to anything and everything that has a hint of excitement.

It’s a lot like when you start seeing someone new but you’re still texting other people in case it doesn’t work out!

I’ve started a lot of projects that fizzled out simply because I wasn’t committed to them.

I wasn’t committed because deep down I knew they weren’t really what I wanted to be doing or what I was going to really excel at.

This is a very common problem for entrepreneurs who have the benefits of a free reign most ’employees’ don’t, but it can also leave them chasing anything that seems like it might work.

When you’ve really nailed down your bigger picture and you’re truly committed, this all changes.

You have complete focus. 

You can see the one thing that needs doing.

You go after it with relentless enthusiasm.

Does that sound like you?

If not, you’ll probably find you’re not really on the right path and you’ll keep saying ‘Yes’ to anyone that seems to have something new that might give you another route to the excitement, money and following you really want.

You’ll find that saying ‘No’ is so refreshing as well.

It will suddenly give you a lot more brain space and time in your schedule along with a lot less stress as you’re not trying to focus on five things at once.

Be committed…to ONE thing at a time.

That should apply at a bigger picture level, as well as at the level of 12 week project, weekly targets and daily action steps.

You know what?

It should be minute by minute if you’re really committed to whatever it is you keep dreaming about!


Someone said to me once “The problem with you is, you never back down”.

I replied, “That’s not a problem, it’s just because I believe so f**king strongly in everything I talk about.”

Very few people these days are so committed to what they say is important to them.

They don’t stand up for themselves or they say they can’t think of content to produce.

If someone disagrees, they back down.

I’m not saying you should argue – I gave that up a long time ago.

But if you’re unsure about what you’re saying and want to avoid people firing shots because they don’t like what you’re doing, you’re just interested and not committed.

When you’re committed and you’re all in, you have this irresistible desire to write about your project and deliver value to the people you want to be part of it.

I used to get so frustrated at not having enough time to communicate all the things that made my balls tingle about the fitness camps and the new projects we were working on!

When I was only interested in things, they would get my attention only when it was convenient.

Often I couldn’t find things to say.

There was always ‘better’ things to do and soon enough the project got sidelined for good.

Be committed.

Speak about what you do with the energy and passion it deserves and that people want to see.

Go all in and let it all out.

Make sure people have no doubt what you believe and that you won’t slow the train down just because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Do you do that now?

Or do you apply the brakes and wait until it feels safe to carry on.

You’re not riding a push bike.

You should be driving a fucking juggernaut that won’t stop for anyone and anything.

Not because you’re some inconsiderate asshole but because you CAN’T stop.


Answer me this.

Can you imagine doing something else with your life?

I’ve had some really shitty times over the last few years but never once have I ever considered doing anything else other than building a business based around delivering the best training, nutrition and fitness business systems to the world.

There’s not much else to say about this.

It’s a yes or no question.

Can you imagine doing something else with your life?

If you can imagine doing something else and not feeling like you lost a limb, then stop and get out of your fitness business.


Before you end up letting it run into the ground with a lot more heart ache and a lot more expense, just get out.

The truth is that you’re just interested.

You, your family and the people you serve in whatever walk of life you choose, need someone with unwavering and total commitment.

If you ARE that person, go prove it.

Right now.

Why are you still here?