I remember a new member joining our fitness camps back in about 2012.

At that time we were on the way to building to 200 in total over the various groups we ran.

This member said to me after their first week “This really is the future of group training”.

We were doing large group training combining, kettlebells, sleds, ropes…what is now pretty standard.

At that time it was ‘the future’ because nobody else was doing it.

Then everyone started doing it.

Not with nearly as good programming, structure and so on…but to the naked eye, everyone was starting to do it.

Unfortunately, some people carried on doing bodyweight stuff out in the cold and continued to do okay because they had a good fan base.

The reality is that no matter how good something is, people will need results and they need and environment that brings out the best in them.

I was always looking to improve and innovate without being suck into the latest fad!

We are moving into the next wave of group training now.

You can’t keep thinking making people work hard is enough.

People can do ‘bootcamp’ for less at the local Globo Gym now, where they have access to a lot of other stuff as well (even if it we know it’s not going to improve results).

There are 5 key areas, the 5 S’s, you need to be hot on if you are going to avoid a race to the bottom, competing on price with every other Joe Average doing ‘classes’.

Done well, this stuff will help you create a ‘Market of One’ where the physical and mental satisfaction AND the pain of disconnect from your business are so great, it makes it virtually unheard of for people to leave.

THE 5 S’s

Set Up

The set up is crucial.

This includes every step of the journey a customer makes from the moment they become aware of what you do to the moment they realise they’ve made an awesome decision and can’t wait to see how far they can take things.

We’ve lost focus on the first impression in an attempt to ‘capture’ people with FB ads etc.

I have a specific, crucial step-by-step formula for the first 7 days.


Behavioural standards and performance standards are crucial.

Every successful organisation from religion to business to sports teams succeeded because they created behavioural standards and expectations.

These standards keep the order and make sure that the whole thing doesn’t unravel because people keep trying to be different.

Do you have any or will you take an axe-wielding, escaped murder convict provided they have a bank account for the monthly auto-payment?

Performance standards give people something to aspire to and reach for.

It’s gives meaning to what you do and shows people they are progressing.

These performance standards have to be structured correctly though – you can’t just make up some numbers and throw them at people.

I tried that once and it had the opposite effect of what I wanted!

Something To Do

The most successful group training centres are ALWAYS giving people something to do, going well beyond the 2-4 sessions per week they show up for.

Our social lives have changed.

We don’t just want a third space outside of work and home.

We want to be totally different people, we want to meet new people, we want to find new environments.

What do you give people to do?

Strength and Conditioning

If you don’t employ strength and conditioning in your group fitness, you are highly likely to end up with low numbers, very little to shout about in the way of results beyond the beginner fat loss that occurs when you do pretty much anything consistently enough!

Do you have a progressive program?

Do you know how to alter the program in an instant depending on stress, injuries and performance?

Do you have a plan for the year or are you just a bit more structured in making things up than the guy who remembers he needs some workouts for tomorrow morning?

Do you even know what strength and conditioning is and how it works or do you just glue hard exercises together and hope for the best?

Understanding strength and conditioning and quality programming, will help you deliver results that make the local bootcamp look like a children’s playground with lots of toys (and a cold, muddy one at that).


We all know that if someone trains with you for three hours per week, they still have another 165 hours to screw it all up.

How do you help them manage this?

Do you just provide some nutrition?

How do you know what they need as a person if they are just running around the park or community centre with everyone else?

Are you making assumptions about what people need?

I have seen so many places that do pretty good workouts but there needs to be meticulously planned and delivered support, at the right times, to really give people the warm and fuzzies and refuse to ever go anywhere else.

The problem is that unless you have a solid client education program in place, they will naturally blame the workouts if they fail to get results and they will continue on the never ending quest to find the best workouts.

We’ll be stripping down the 5 S’s as well as looking at how to program 12 months of training for different group niches at the Group Fitness Accelerator Day.


I’ve done it for general classes, girls wanting to look hot and a rugby team that won the championship by a mile.

Knowing the similarities and differences will give you a massive edge!

The Group Fitness Accelerator Day will help you attract the people you want to serve and serve them in the way that brings out the very best!

You’ll also learn how to bump up your profits whilst making it all easier to manage!