Fitness professionals are now ‘ten a penny’ wherever you go in the world.

With the dawn of social media this gets worse and worse by the day.

All you need now to be a ‘fitness influencer’ is an Instagram page, some biceps and a supplement sponsorship.

Gone are the days where every town had one or two personal trainers who were the ‘go to’ guys or girls for information on how to lose weight.

Now that it’s easier than ever before to set up a personal training studio or bootcamp, competition is massive.

Workouts can be copied in seconds.

People can buy the same equipment as you and have it on their doorstep the next day.

Nutrition plans are everywhere and can be replicated with the click of a few buttons.

The ONLY thing you have that will make you stand out is having a set of rock-steady values that soak into every single thing you do.

This might sound like some wishy-washy philosophy about knowing your purpose but it’s a differentiator that surprisingly few fitness coaches pay enough attention to. 

The dawn and growth of more socially conscious business practices has made core values more of a marketing strategy than ever before.

It’s highly possible that someone will choose your gym over another that has a better choice of equipment because every Saturday you take a team to the local animal shelter to walk the dogs for two hours.

TOMS make pretty average shoes but millions of people bought into what they do because for every pair they sell to you and your friends, a pair is given to a poor person in Africa.

People want to be part of something.

If being part of that something also means they are contributing to another thing that grabs at their heart strings then you’re on to a winner.

This should not be done as a sneaky, underhand way to get customers.

Values by definition come from within.

If you don’t feel them coursing through your veins on a daily basis, they won’t have nearly the impact you hope on business growth.

Think about the biggest companies you know.

Virgin for example is all about innovation, fun and sticking a middle finger up to the norm.

You see it in everything they do!

I walk you through establishing values in the Fitness Business Freedom program but here’s a brief guide

1 – Write down 25 values that mean something to you.

2 – Narrow these down to the 10 that strike you the most.

3 – Describe these 10 in more detail and ‘try them on’ to see which you really feel you want to live on a daily basis.

Define it. What does that value mean in terms of what you do, think and feel?

Refine it. What does that value mean you DON’T do, think and feel? 

4 – Choose the three values which really encompass how you view the world, how you want to live and what you want to see more of.

You’re not done yet though.

It’s not just about creating core values to put on a poster in your gym.

Every time you write an article, create a video, write a program or do something new in your fitness facility, see how it measures up against your values.

Don’t say one of your core values is “Making Fitness Fun” then put on drab, boring classes where the music is low and everyone is moving around slowly looking like they want to be anywhere but your bootcamp!

Fun is one of my values and this is what some Christmas sessions looked like in our bootcamp!

It is tempting to say what the rest of the industry is saying.

However, if that’s not ‘you’ the message won’t get across.

Also, if you try to be like everyone else you are actively walking into the crowd where is is harder to standout and shine!

Be your values!