Have you ever been at least mildly pissed off as fitness professional when those who clearly lack a lot of the knowledge you have are making millions selling things programs the unsuspecting public.

These guys and girls with millions of Instagram followers really have no clue about creating long-term change and transformation.

They haven’t been on all the courses you have and have just about done their foundation gym instructor course (if at all).

Yet there they are making a LOT of money while you valiantly struggle to coach people with honesty and integrity.

There is of course the ‘Sex Sells’ factor prevalent on social media.

If you have a half decent face, good boobs or abs and butt you can crack walnuts on, then you have a chance of making it as an Insta-Fit celebrity.

However,  a lot of it comes down to simplicity.

A lot of trainers spend half their time arguing on the internet about the relative benefits of 12 different flute exercises and the optimal angle for force generation and improving the vertical jump.

Meanwhile, Jilly Jubblytits is making a fortune by showing people 5 exercises they can do in 15 minutes flat and lose weight.

As a coach you will find success by working out how to communicate what you need to communicate AT THE LEVEL OF YOUR CUSTOMER.

Quite often, there is a straight line relationship between knowledge and complexity.

The more you know, the longer the article becomes and the more topics you feel you have to cover to give the full explanation.

If you come from a science background, this is probably twice as likely as you try to cover all relevant methods, testing procedures and references.

None of this is ‘wrong’ but your target customer tuned out after ten seconds.

This is a sad reality of life but it’s reality. 

People can’t concentrate.

They need the answers to be clear, concise and simple.

I spent a lot of time studying the hormonal side of fat loss and obviously it is a HUGE subject.

I wanted to find a way to communicate some ‘next level’ fat loss stuff to clients who wanted to see what was going on within a few minutes.

That’s why I created the Fat Loss Pathway cheat sheets that you can get on the Fitness Business Freedom coaching program.

This is just one example…

As you can see there is plenty of ‘information’ that could be added but for Joe Public with lots of other things to do, it illustrates what might be going on as a result of their poor sleep.

So today’s Fit Pro Advent question is this.

How can you simplify your communication without losing quality?

This applies to article writing, video creation, sales pages and in-person conversations (remember the Elevator Speeches Advent post?)

Communicating 90% of what you want to to 100 people is better than being 100% detailed and getting 5 people to read it.

Meet people at their level of experience and knowledge.

Use their language.

Talk in terms they understand and can process.

You’ll get much more of your message across.

You can always go deeper once the person clears that first step and is still engaged.