I had a bad day at the office today!

Like ‘Please let me sit in the corner and suck my thumb’ kinda bad.

Sometimes your shoulders are tired and sometimes there is that deep ache like your soul hurts.

That’s where I was today!

I’m super tired having lifted hard all week but had agreed to do a partner conditioning workout with my good friend Anke,

I’ve learned that in the long-term the difference between success and failure is what you did on your bad days so there I was.

I said to another pal Adrian that I was done after the warm up and it was a joyous fall down a slippery slop from there.

The other factor is that because of my muscle building challenge, conditioning has taken a back seat.

I haven’t ignored it, but it hasn’t been a priority.

I talk about this concept of Cyclic Prioritization in the AMPED courses.

You can’t be everything all at once and just ‘doing stuff’ isn’t the way towards what you want.

You can succeed at what you DON’T want if you follow the crowd.

You have to know what game you’re playing and not be pissed off at being behind or being on a different track because other people are playing a different game.

As a Fit Pro this is also the fastest way to mess up your business.

I often see personal trainers mocking people who follow Insta stars with big boobs and supplement sponsorship for their guidance on fitness…

…and yet they do EXACTLY the same watching all the guys with (supposedly) massive gyms instead of just doing their thing step-by-step.

In the past I would have let my ‘BE BETTER!’ brain over-react to today’s workout.

I’d be nailing the conditioning for a few weeks only to see my weight drop and in the end NONE of the goals get achieved.

Right now my game is putting on muscle and the conditioning is on ‘maintenance’.

As a fitness business owner, you have to understand what game YOU’RE playing.


1) Am I building a business that might make money but even at it’s best in this form, it will be incapable of supporting the life I want in terms of free time, location etc?

One of the first tasks I do with clients is to get them to work out their ideal day in LOTS of detail then look at whether the current trajectory and set up can actually allow that to happen.

2) Am I building a business or just being busy because I’m not organised enough?

Creating a to-do-list and successfully nailing it by Friday night often means you’re back where you were on Monday.

Basically you’ve been about as productive as Rex chasing his tail on the porch all morning.

3) In relation to your clients, does this person need this or am I just doing it because I saw it on the internet / spent money learning it?

(I have been SO guilty of this in the past).

It seems every personal trainer in the world is arguing about how many molecules of ketone spray are needed in relation to the square root of how many snatches Rich Froning did.

Meanwhile Henrietta Housewife just face planted into a chocolate cake and now hates herself and wants to cry.

(I don’t know if Ketone spray is a thing. If that’s what you pick up from this article, go stick your head in your NutriBullet).

The hardest thing in business is to be honest if it’s working but even harder to be honest if it’s working for you.

I can’t tell you how many times people have made some (very crude) calculations about how much money my fitness camps were making and assumed I my life was sorted forever and ever.

They didn’t know how exhausted I was until I systemised things and starting making it all serve ME and not just the members.

Nowadays I’m doing different things and I get to sit on a Thai beach.

That never bothered me too much ‘back then’ but it’s important now!

I get to sip coffee in the morning, looking up at Big Buddha in the distance before I speak to clients who are actually applying what we work on.

That’s when I feel like I’m living the dream.

It also gives me the drive to keep working to keep it that way.

What game are you playing?