Quarterbacks in the NFL get paid obscene amounts of money.

All the players do but a quality quarterback comes at an even higher premium and that should be a ‘slap in the face’ wake up call if you own a fitness facility.

For those who don’t really understand American Football, the quarterback is the guy who throws the ball to some runners who are charged with getting the ball over the line and into the end zone for a touchdown.

So what?

99% of the time, the QB is not the guy who ‘scores’ the touchdowns (although they do sometimes).

He is the guy who has the brains and the vision to set up the OTHER guys on the team.

Still not figured it out?

Too many people see owning a fitness facility as the pinnacle of being a fitness professional largely because of the ego-inflating recognition that comes about from being top dog.

However, the most successful gym owners and fitness camp directors I know are those who have learned that the real rewards (including monetary) come from finding a way to help other people score in life over and over again.

Instead of trying to force everyone into the training methods they like the most, they look to do whatever it takes to get each person as far down their personal path as possible.

That could require any number of things and prioritizing areas that the ‘leader’ may see as trivial or not demonstrating serious commitment like a more detailed, higher volume training plan might.

Wait for the runners to start running, see where they are headed and put what they need in front of them to get the job done.

Give them the confidence to ‘go long’ and get them over the line.

You also see the power of a strong community when you watch a quarterback.

He can focus on his job knowing that those around him value him enough and will do everything they can to protect him from the ‘haters’ (in this case the big guys trying to crush his soul).

Your fitness community should be strong enough to do exactly the same.

Be more quarterback, focus on getting OTHER people over the line and you’ll be amazed how things grow in and around your facility for yourself.

You don’t always have to be at the front, to get the rewards you think you deserve.