Harry Potter couldn’t have cast a better spell on me.

It was a balmy Californian night and I was on a weekend outing to a Tapas bar in the heart of San Diego with my ex’s family.

Over the next seven days I learned an awesome lesson about psychology.

After about 90 minutes of amazing tactics by the waiter (I’ll write about that soon), we got the end of the meal, called for the bill (check in Americano language) and it duly arrived with a couple of envelopes.

On the front read “DO NOT OPEN”, which seemed a bit stupid to me.

On further inspection, the back read something along the lines of “Come back to see us and a member of staff will open the envelop to reveal your prize.”

At first I got all macho and said “Yeah nice one – I’m not falling for that.”

However, over the next three days I couldn’t stop wondering what I might have won.

Despite knowing the likelihood of bagging a Ferrari was slim, I had to go back.

In fact the prizes up for grabs ranged from a free Sangria to a free meal (likely heavily weighted to the Sangria!)

So off we tootled for Tapas Tuesday and it felt like getting my A-Level results all over again.

Needless to say, all we won was two glasses of Sangria.

And needless to say, because the tapas were so damn good we spent another $60 dollars.

The sangria probably cost the restaurant 50c to supply.

And yes, we got another two envelopes.

I was sold and duly started designs on similar envelopes to give out at conventions, business talks and to anyone else who wanted one!

Here was the design which we used slightly differently to the tapas bar.

I wanted to get people in for a trial – that was always the hardest step.

Getting customers to come back wasn’t and it’s not the same as a restaurant where people often need a reason NOT to keep trying different places for variety.

I knew that our trial weeks converted over 98% of people to fully paying members and that intrigue is a powerful thing.

No manipulation involved.

No-one is losing.

No-one is being sold things they don’t want.

No-one has to pay a penny if they don’t want to.

All it does it bring people in and gives them a chance to experience the amazing service you offer.

Now if you don’t offer amazing service, this is all pointless but that’s for another article!

However, in these days of bullshit marketing and trickery, some honest persuasion can go a long way and these envelopes stand out in a way hard to replicate amongst social media noise.

What you giveaway is totally up to you and just needs you to decide what you can giveaway in terms of your numbers (knowing you will always get much, much more back from a fully paying member!)

How can you use the magic of the secret envelope in your fitness business?

This is just one of over 50 Client Getting Strategies in the new 12 week Fitness Business Freedom program.

It demonstrates how many fitness business owners don’t think like business owners but want to just follow the crowd and not think beyond Facebook ads because they seem so easy.

You need a variety of marketing strategies to succeed even in an internet-driven world!

I’m taking applications for the next one starting soon and would love to see if we’re the right fit to blast a path for you!