New Muscle Building Seminar in Guernsey:

The Truth About How To Get Strong and Put On
10kg of Muscle In 5 Months 

If you’re working out at least three times per week and not putting on muscle then the chances are you’re making one of 15 key mistakes.

Don’t worry, EVERY time I go into a gym I see it going on and I feel frustrated for the people doing this stuff.

You’re paying your gym fees then being left to make your workouts up.

It might even be worse that some people are having programs designed at the gym that seem to be what they need, but then deliver no results for the hours of effort put in!

It usually ends with guys getting pissed off and quitting the gym because “it just doesn’t work”.

I totally understand the frustrations because I’ve spent my life being the skinny guy and trying to work out how to put on muscle!

It Doesn’t Matter If You’re a Hardgainer

Since I left university (where I used to hit the gym 3-4 times per week), I’ve stacked on 20 KILOGRAMS and I want to show you how to do the same.

It turns out you can’t just turn up at the gym, do some ‘chest and guns’ and expect to get jacked.

There are certain things you have to do consistently if you want to get strong and put on muscle and I went from not being able to pull a plaster off to pulling trucks and big deadlifts!

The Size Wise Seminar will walk you through the 15 biggest mistakes guys make in the gym and the 20 biggest changes you can make to your training and nutrition to start slapping some meat on your frame.

I’m going to answer all of these questions for you:

  • How often do I need to train?
  • What sets and reps will build muscle fastest?
  • Which are the best exercises for building muscle?
  • How does my body type affect the training you should do?
  • How much do I need to eat?
  • What should I eat to optimise my hormones for building muscle?
  • Is cardio bad for muscle building?
  • How do I plan sessions and programs?

The seminar also features:

  • The importance of sleep
  • How to get the most out of supplementation without breaking the bank
  • How to keep body fat down when you’re bulking
  • Open question and answer forum

If you want to discover how to build strength and muscle that shows, grab a seat at the Size Wise seminar and you’ll learn exactly how to do it!

Spaces are limited so please book early and I’ll see you on the night!

Date: Thursday 20th April 2017

Time: 1900-2030

Venue: The Venue, Fermain Valley Hotel, Guernsey

Please arrive by 1845 so that we can start the seminar on time