We’ve all done it.

We train for muscle then go to run a 5k six months later and barely make it past the first tree.

We’re disgusted at finishing behind the 70 year old with a zimmer frame, do loads of endurance work then realise our 1RM squat has dropped 30% and we lost the 5kg of muscle from the ‘Ripped and Randy’ program we got off Big Dave.

This is why I use and teach Cyclic Prioritisation for the AMPED Strength and Conditioning methodologies.

Essentially we’re answering the question of “How do I improve everything over a year?”

There are of course all sorts of ‘ifs and buts’ that can be applied depending on who you’re working with but ultimately, the concept works for pretty much everyone.

Over 6-12 months we are going to train Strength, Power, Power Endurance and Endurance ALL OF THE TIME.

The key is that we will prioritise and give our primary focus to one of these elements for each phase (typically 4 weeks to make it simple).

For instance we might apply a 70%, 10%, 10%, 10% split in terms of how much time we dedicate to each element with the 70% obviously given to the element we want to elevate with the others on ‘maintenance’.

Maybe every 4 months you will cycle through…

Strength : Power : Power Endurance : Endurance

60:20:10:10 (%)




Over time, all elements of our fitness will improve with nothing ever ignored and left in the toolbox to go rusty.

The beauty of this way of thinking is that it doesn’t just work for programming fitness plans.

Life is busy and we have a lot of plates to keep spinning which might include:

  • Business/career
  • Personal fitness
  • Relationship with partner
  • Relationship with children
  • Friends
  • Community work
  • Home improvements
  • Personal adventures

For one month I had 100% focus on cycling across Australia – an extreme example of how everything else has to take a back seat. Not recommended as a long-term strategy for life!

Trying to do everything at once usually just creates a spaghetti bowl of stress with nothing ever actually finished so it’s still an open loop in your brain, nagging for attention.

More often that not, you end up letting down the very people you are trying to keep happy because you’re never fully invested in giving them your love or attention.

This is very frustrating when you’re working so hard, driving yourself to exhaustion but still being told it’s not enough!

The key is to apply the Cyclic Prioritization method!

Decide (in discussion with the people involved where necessary) what is required or expected from you as an acceptable amount of time/quality of interaction – enough to keep things ticking.

Choose one or two priorities for the next 4-6 weeks and give that most of your attention until whatever pressing issue/project you have is completed (or at least you make significant progress).

The same thinking can and should be applied to your fitness business.

Depending on the business model you run, at any one time you need to be spinning the following plates:

  • Training people
  • Writing programs
  • Creating content
  • Improving back end support
  • Building the community in your business
  • Training staff
  • Lead generation
  • Retention programs
  • Relationship building
  • Business admin and systems

However, the same principles apply.

If you keep trying to give all your energy to everything darting between fifteen things all day, every day, you’ll find that business life is simply an exhausting attempt to ‘keep things going’.

Being more organised and prioritising blocks of the year for certain projects will help you progress faster and more steadily.

Decide what the ‘acceptable’ standards are in each area, ensure these are in place, then focus on elevating the most important area to ‘Excellent’.

If you know that you offer a good service with good client relationships but you’re tearing your hair out because you’re having to monitor and speak to staff all the time, this might be the priority for a month.

It’s best to physically write down each week where and when you will spend your time otherwise you’ll keep getting drawn to what you like and what’s easiest.

We often go for the quick wins so there’s one less thing on the to-do-list but then we never get to the meaty stuff that’s really going to make a difference!

I know it seems like ‘everything needs doing’ but it really doesn’t and the reality is that you thought that 6 months ago and yet still haven’t sorted it because you kept pinballing between everything.

Remember, rewards only come from what is FINISHED!