I adjusted my gloves, cricked my neck and took a quick breath after 30 miles of ripping through the countryside of Northern France on my motorbike.

As I turned my head to the right, I saw a Lamborghini pull up next to me.

Now there are times in life when you just know what’s going to happen next. I want to say I had a choice but you know…

I looked forward, my eyes drifting into the distance and calculating roughly 800-1000 metres to the next set of lights.

I turned back to our friend on four wheels and the rev of his engine kinda felt like a gentleman’s handshake before a medieval jousting competition.

Now I’m not a petrol head who knows exactly what Lamborghini it was or more importantly who was most likely to get to 100mph and above first. I am however, up for finding out what’s on the other side of a challenge.

My friend Luke Richmond, a serial adventurer, base jumper and all round crazy cat once said to me “You just don’t have the same experience in life unless there’s a chance you might die”.

I was riding through France and Belgium up to Amsterdam so the 15kg rucksack on my back wasn’t going to help but sometimes you literally have to accept the baggage and start anyway.

The lights turned green, the air was filled with what sounded like Elon Musk’s rocket taking off and the white divider lines on the road pretty soon turned into one solid white line.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever travelled at 140mph (about 220km/h) on two wheels but it is one of the most relaxing and focused places you will ever be in. Everything goes surprisingly quiet and there is just ‘the line’. 

That said it was a new situation for me and my ‘Zero Line’ went up that day.

Your zero line is that line in life that becomes your thermostat, the line where you won’t accept anything more or less without good reason. Without focus you will keep returning to that line whether it’s good for you or not.

When you’re below that line, there is a lack of excitement, lower perceptions of danger and it’s much less fulfilling than life at the line. You need something to take you back to the Zero Line.

Above the line is where the heat gets turned up.

You’re outside of your comfort zone and it can feel like a pressure cooker.

Most people turn back at this point through fear, but this is where the magic in life happens.

When you keep yourself above the Zero Line, eventually your brain accepts it as the new norm.

The next time you find yourself in that situation (provided you don’t leave it too long before you go again) you find that where your limit was before, doesn’t cut it anymore.

You can go harder, faster, longer and you NEED to, in order to feel like you achieved something.

Some examples of important Zero Line shifts are:

  • Doing two more reps at the end of a set even if you don’t think you can (even if you’ve done the reps requested). Usually where you think is the end of the set is the start line for progress – the reps you know you can do are the ones that get you to the start line!
  • Moving from a random diet, eating what you like to eating clean food all the time other than 1-2 meals per week (maybe no meals at all if you want to push the Zero Line even higher)
  • Reducing the time you are willing to give to activities that just distract you and contribute nothing to progress.
  • Increasing the effort and focus you put into your work even if you don’t like a certain task
  • Changing the kind of people you are willing to give your limited spare time to being around

All of these things are crucial to your success in anything from business to changing your physique.

Remember, the more time you spend above the Zero Line, the more chance there is of cementing it in a new place and uplevelling your life.

The more you do it, the more you want to do it and success starts to snowball in every area.

A lack of consistency leaves you stuck, spinning your wheels and getting frustrated as everyone else makes progress.

This is why it’s important to string together as many small wins as possible when you’re starting a new training program or committing to improved nutrition.

Doing something for four weeks then going back to what you were doing before is exactly why you keep going in circles. Your Zero Lines around your physique, training and body composition keep slipping back to ‘natural’ levels.

You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable! 

The Zero Line is HARD to move and the only thing that guarantees success is consistency of effort.

It’s why I will only take new clients on for the Muscle Shock Method for a minimum of three months.

I want you to move that Zero Line and never look back.

I want you to know you’re capable of more. Much more.

I want you to be okay with what’s on the other side – it’s rarely as bad as you think if you take steps at the right pace.

This doesn’t mean you have to become an elite athlete – you’re missing the point. It’s about consistently being above YOUR existing Zero Line. 

Once your new lifestyle becomes an effortless habit, we look at how we can push the Zero Line higher and higher and higher.

It’s not always harder to take Step 5 than it is to take Step 1 because you get used to Step 4 as a way of life so the difference to move forward again isn’t any more stressful. That’s really all there is to success with your body composition and physical performance.

Many people are consistent but at a level that is at or below their Zero Line.

They’re comfortable. They know they can do it. They avoid the fear of potential failure and the accompanying embarrassment.

And that’s why they get nowhere!

Where is your zero line right now? Slightly north of lying on the couch?

And you wonder why nothing excites you or fulfils you?

Is it easy to move your Zero Line?

No, it simply can’t be.

By definition you need to do things that are outside of your usual habits and uncomfortable, requiring change.

Your Zero Line in life is simply the sum of all of your habits.

What you do once a week or force yourself to do for a 21 day transformation is largely irrelevant – it is your AVERAGE action, your AVERAGE set point and the position of your AVERAGE zero line, the minimum standard you will accept on a regular basis, that determines where you find yourself in life.

The actions you take every day.

The thoughts you allow yourself to have about your abilities every day.

The people you spend time with every day.

The degree to which you challenge your body.

The amount of food you eat every day that nourishes your body.

The amount of water you drink.

The level of stress you bear.

Remember that the best and worst things that have ever happened to you and will happen to you in the future are rarely planned or expected.

Be okay with stepping forward.

The reality is that sometimes you don’t know what’s going to happen when you take the step to go past the Zero Line, but most of the time it’s okay!

I lost a few metres off the line that day at the French traffic lights.

French lights don’t go from Red to ‘Red and Amber’ to Green. They go straight from Red to Green so I thought I had to wait another second for the go!

The rules are often different when you choose to play a different game and go into a zone you haven’t been before.

Most of the time you will win provided you stay above the Zero Line long enough to learn the rules of the game and move to a new living space.

Your attitude changes to everything around you.

Right now, I’m in Thailand where Wacky Race style scooter rides are a daily occurrence.

My desire to engage in any kind of racing here is minimal after that day in France. My Zero Line is now so far above a 50mph (80km\h) scooter ‘drag race’ I am quite content to tootle along to the beach behind a family of four and a piano on their scooter.

Anything below my Zero Line seems pointless as there is no growth or challenge!

Did you guess who won the mini Sprint De France?