Can you explain what you’re offering me in 30 seconds flat?

‘Elevator speeches’ are critical for telling your prospect why this thing is important, how it will improve their life and why they should find out more.

I like to include 2-3 key points that are relevant to THEM.

This rarely includes HOW it does whatever it does.

You should focus on the benefits that they will receive when they ‘buy in’.

For example…

“A greens drink is a great way to increase your energy levels through higher nutrient levels without having to cook twenty portions of vegetables per day. You can blend it with some fruit for a healthy start to the day so it only takes a few minutes and you’ll feel a lot better in the mornings.”

Sure we could explain all the scientific stuff but that will not push the buttons of your customer.

They get something that improves their current status.

You make another sale.

Everyone wins!

Can you do this for every product and service you offer?

“I teach middle aged ladies to get a younger looking body. If you have three hours a week to exercise and you want a diet that still let’s you socialise, then I can get you back to feeling REALLY good about yourself”

No mention of kettlebells, carbs or calorie counting, but this lady will likely be intrigued and want to know more.

You don’t need to say anymore because you’ve opened up a loop in their head that they will need to close by finding out more about how you do it.

If you need to sit down for 30 minutes with someone to tell them all about it, you’re probably waffling and telling them stuff they don’t care about in making a decision.

Even the process of creating elevator speeches will help you to better understand your service through the eyes of potential consumers

That’s all for today. 

My 30 seconds are up!