Here is today’s workout.

On the first day of the week, I always do max effort lower body work, which means hitting heavy sets in some variation of squats or deadlifts, heavy being sets of 2-3 reps.

Sometimes I’ll do things like wave loading where you do sets of 5,3,2|5,3,2|5,3,2 with each wave increasing in load to a peak on the last set of 2.

Ultimately, the sessions involves lots of heavy sets with long rest breaks.

Today’s session went as follows:

Warm up

7-8 minutes on spin bike (AirDyne unavailable) then hip mobility

Max effort Back Squats

Build to 2RM for the day (over 6-8 sets)

Rest as desired (usually 2 minutes in earlier sets then 3 minutes in top three sets)

Neural conversion sets (designed to improve power on the AirDyne) 

4 x [3 back squat @80% of 1RM – 30 sec recovery – 20 sec all out AirDyne]

3 minutes rest between sets


10 minute partner challenge: Push sled 15m, Pull sled 15m – Partner does the same

Use approximately bodyweight

What next?

Next up in the week will be a conditioning session (Rower or AirDyne intervals) then an upper body max effort day along the same lines as today’s lower body.

Towards the end of the week will be tension based sessions with typical bodybuilding style sets and reps schemes for hypertrophy (muscle growth).


AM: Max effort lower 

PM: Conditioning (20-30 mins)


AM: Double stimulation (lighter leg work following yesterday plus some abs and arm work)

PM: Flexibility


AM: Max effort upper body

PM: Conditioning (20-30 mins)


AM: Double stimulation (lighter shoulder work following yesterday, plus some abs and arm work)

PM: Flexibility


AM: Lower body hypertrophy

PM: Conditioning (20-30 mins)


AM: Upper body hypertrophy

PM: Rest



This approach has proved to work well for me to improve all areas of performance and build lean muscle. 

Depending on time available you could do less conditioning or drop the double stimulation ‘follow up’ workouts. This is why program design is so important – you must work out how to make the best use of the time you have available for training given the goals you have.