Recently I’ve been chatting about lots of key areas to any great fitness business.

How to talk to customers at their level

The importance of systems

Creating a business that serves the lifestyle you want

They’re all crucial.

But what about you?

Before we carry on with the Fit Pro Advent series it’s worth stopping for a second and asking “What about you?”

Do your personal environments help, support and encourage your progress or are they like trying to sprint in a field full of mud?

In terms of outside influences, your business success is no different to the success your personal training clients achieve.

If your partner is unsupportive you’re in trouble.

If you hang around with lazy people all the time, you’re in trouble.

If you are constantly telling yourself why you can never be like ‘that guy’ you never will be.

Today, take a look around.

Look at your home environment.

Look at your fitness facility.

Look at your self-talk.

Look at how you dress and accessorize.

What do they say about you?

What and who do they draw to you?

Do they inspire you or drag you down?

You can’t expect things to magically change in your business if you are living in cluttered, uninspiring surroundings with people who are negative 99% of the time and offer no support or encouragement.

Our brains believe what our eyes see and our ears hear.

Take a long hard look at everything around you down the pictures in your living room and the things you say to yourself in the first five minutes of your day.

Ask yourself if this thing or this person helps, hinders or is a neutral piece of the puzzle.

You might be surprised to see what’s really going on.

You might see why you never seem to be able to focus.

You might see why you have no self-belief.

You might also see EXACTLY why you never seem to be able to move forward.